Imagine a home designed to nurture all levels of your being.


What if your home were not only a place of shelter, comfort and enjoyment, but a sacred and empowered place, designed by and for your highest self?

What if your home were a creative space of pure potential, a living vision board, infused with radiant up-to-date reflections of who you really are, and who you are called to be? 

What if your home were a gateway to your true home within, and could naturally draw you into alignment with your source, each day, through beauty, harmony, resonance and flow?

What if your home could fill you with such appreciation, abundance and life force that you simply could not help but venture forth each day to share your gifts?

This is the vision and potential of a true home. And this can be your daily reality. 


If you long for your true home, inside and out, I can help. 

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Hi, I'm Matthew Tenzin. I am an interior designer, meditation teacher, and the creator of True Home, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Through decades of meditation practice, years as a Buddhist monk and ongoing in-depth training in Shamanic healing, I have developed an ability to sense and work with the unseen energies and potentials in people and spaces.

And through years of working as an interior designer with my life-partner, Joe McGuire, of Joe McGuire Design, I have gained the experience of envisioning and overseeing the transformation of homes from start to finish.

Along the way, I have seen how profoundly our living spaces affect all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as social, recreational and professional. And I have seen how subtle or not-so-subtle changes on the aesthetic and energetic levels can significantly transform a home and its inhabitants.

Now, in addition to full-service design work at Joe McGuire Design, I help people come home to themselves, inside and out, through a 5-step intuitive design program, the True Home Process.


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The True Home Process:

  • A 5-step intuitive design consulting program designed to help you come home to yourself, inside and out, while creating beautiful living spaces that nurture all levels of your being.

  • Spiritual: Through a guided meditation process, open to the experience of your true home within, and receive an intuitive vision of your true essence, unique purpose and gifts. 

  • Energetic: Receive a deep clearing of the old energetic patterns and beliefs in your home, and learn how to replace these with radiant healing light and pure life force energy in alignment with your heart's vision for your life. Then learn to to connect with the soul of your home, the spirits of the land, and your personal guides, power animals and guardians.

  • Symbolic: From your personal guides, receive intuitive advice regarding the specific symbolic imagery, art, objects, color palettes and natural elements that are the most resonant and rejuvenating for you at this time in your life.

  • Aesthetic: Incorporating all of the above, discover your unique design style. Then envision, plan and create beautiful, purposeful, harmonious living spaces that enliven all of your senses. 

  • Functional: Create floor plans and organizational systems that support you in living your vision with the greatest ease, alignment and flow, and establish simple daily practices to continue deepening your experience of your True Home within and the sacred in everyday life.


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True Home (formerly called Home Harmonics) was featured in Boulder Lifestyle magazine! Click below to read the article. 

"Whether we like it or not, our home is a reflection of who we are. And who we are is a result of what we focus upon.
By helping us direct our focus from who we used to be, or who we think we need to be, to who we truly are, and who we want to be, our living spaces can greatly support us in stepping into a more aligned and empowered expression in the world."
- Matthew Tenzin

Photos of interiors by Joe McGuire & Matthew Tenzin of Joe McGuire Design, in collaboration with Rowland & Broughton Architecture.

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