You are evolving. Is your home evolving with you?

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Chances are, you are sensitive to the ways different environments affect you.

You go on yoga or meditation retreats. You travel and wander intuitively. You spend days immersed in wild natural places.

And when you do, you notice how quickly and powerfully your whole being expands and unfolds like a flower.

You tap into the joy, magic and flow of your true essence. 

You open to miraculous synchronicities, blissful visions, big ideas and exquisite moments of stillness.

And you think, “Maybe this time, I have changed for good.”

Then you come home. 

And within days, hours, or even minutes, you find yourself slogging through the mud of old unhealthy habits, insecurities and obsessive thought patterns.

The miracles and “ah-has” seem light-years away, and you start to wonder, “Were they even real?”



This is why, on the spiritual path, maintaining a high-vibration environment is essential.

Because so much of what you think, feel and believe is triggered and reinforced, day in and day out,  by the objects, energies and imprints of your surroundings.

In fact, your personal energy is intimately linked to the energy of your living space.

So if you want to heal the world, doesn’t it make sense to start with: 

  • the place on the planet where you spend the most time

  • the place where you have the greatest influence

  • and the place that has the greatest influence upon you? 

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What if your home could be your power place?

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Your home is where you encounter the world first thing every morning and throughout the day.

So if you want to bring more light into your life and the world, your home is the place to start.

Because it's a direct reflection of who you think you are, what you believe is possible, and what you feel you are worthy of receiving and sharing in the world...

...and to raise the vibration of your home is to raise the vibration of your self.

Fortunately, it's possible to deeply clear and empower the energies of your living spaces. 

And it's possible to redesign and realign your home with a vision of who you really are and what you are here to create.

By doing so, you have a powerful opportunity to make lasting shifts in all areas of your life.


True Home: an Energetic Approach to Your Living Space


For hundreds of thousands of years, medicine women and men, or “shamans,” have perceived and worked with the energies of the natural world in order to live in harmony with their environments.

The key to the shamanic approach is the vision of unity: the spiritual is not separate from the material, and everything exists within a unified web of life force and intelligence -- including us!

By learning how to directly experience and work with this web of intelligence, we can harmonize and empower the energies of our living spaces, our families, and ourselves, and make surprising leaps in our physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual evolution.

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It's about so much more than getting comfortable.  


Here’s why this really matters: You are called to a new way of being in the world. Your spiritual and creative path can be profoundly liberating -- and, at times, it can make you want to curl up in a safe and cozy cocoon.

That's fine for a while, but at a certain point, comfortable feels empty. Because you know you are not here to hide out or play small. And you know the most important thing in your life is to share your truth and live the vision you have received.

You’ve done the searching “out there” (at workshops, retreats, etc.) and now it’s time to come back home to yourself, literally, so you can fully embody what you've received, and feel empowered, each day, to step out into the world and give it back.

Through the five steps of the True Home Process, we can make sure you have the physical and energetic foundation to support your spiritual evolution, so you can bring your gifts to the world without wearing yourself out along the way.

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"Whether we like it or not, our home is a reflection of who we are. And who we are is a result of what we focus upon.

By helping us direct our focus from who we used to be, or who we think we need to be, to who we truly are, and who we want to be, our living spaces can greatly support us in stepping into a more aligned and empowered expression in the world."

- Matthew Tenzin