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Hi, I'm Matthew Tenzin. I am an interior designer, meditation teacher, and the founder of True Home, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Through decades of meditation practice, five years as a Buddhist monk and ongoing in-depth training in Shamanic healing, I have developed an ability to sense and work with the unseen energies in spaces.

And over the past six years working as an interior designer with my life-partner, Joe McGuire, of Joe McGuire Design, I have gained the experience of being a lead designer on numerous full-service high-end residential projects.

Along the way, I have seen how profoundly our living spaces affect all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as social, recreational and professional.

And I have seen how subtle or not-so-subtle changes on the aesthetic and energetic levels can significantly transform a home and its inhabitants. 

Now, in addition to my full-service design work at Joe McGuire Design, I help people come home to themselves, inside and out, through a 5-step intuitive design program, the True Home Process.