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Matthew Tenzin is an interior designer, energy clearer, and founder of True Home, an energetic design consultancy based in Boulder and Aspen, Colorado.

As a life-long artist and contemplative, he has a deep passion for the intersection of spirituality and creativity, and a natural gift for designing and harmonizing spaces. 

Since 2012, he has worked as a lead interior designer for Joe McGuire Design, overseeing numerous high-end residential design projects from start to finish. 

He has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, was ordained in India by the Dalai Lama, and lived as a Buddhist monk from 2002-2008. 

In the years since, he has undertaken in-depth training in intuitive arts, energy work and shamanic healing with a wish to uncover the spiritual and healing potentials of design.

Now, through the 5 steps of the True Home Process, he helps people tap into a higher vision for their land, their home and their life, and develop a practical soul-based design plan, so they can live each day from their power place and do their bravest and brightest work in world.


My Journey Home:

My search for my own true home was inspired by the painful gift of growing up gay in a very conservative town, feeling like an oddity and an outcast, and setting off around the world on a spiritual and creative quest for meaning and belonging.

My twenties were spent as an artist, traveler and seeker. I studied oil painting, found a passion for meditation, got a degree in Philosophy, worked as a hospice caregiver, moved to India, was ordained by the Dalai Lama, and spent years in solitary retreat as Buddhist monk.

The stillness of retreat is where I first discovered my true home within: a state of peace, pure awareness and seamless communion with the loving, intelligent whole of life. From this perspective, nothing was wrong or out of place, including me!

Later, feeling called to share what I had discovered, and inspired to continue to deepen this journey of awakening, in the worldin the midst of an ordinary, creative and social life, I moved on from the monkhood.

A few months afterward, I met my husband, Joe McGuire, an interior designer and fellow meditator, when we happened to sit next to each other at a talk by the Dalai Lama in Aspen, Colorado.

We gradually began working together designing homes in Aspen, Boulder, Denver and other parts of the country, and splitting our time between our own homes in Boulder and Aspen. 

I found the world of design to be creatively exhilarating, but also disheartening at times, with its primary focus on consumption and materiality. Yet, I repeatedly witnessed how redesigning and realigning a client's living space had the power to bring about significant positive shifts in their life and state of mind.

This inspired me to pursue years of in-depth training in intuitive arts, energy work and shamanic healing in order to understand and unlock the true spiritual and healing potentials of design.

Now, as an interior designer, energy clearer and meditation teacher all rolled into one, I have finally found my place in the world, my true home, inside and out.

The only thing that could possibly be better would be the joy and honor of helping you find yours too!

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My Spiritual and Energetic Training

The True Home Process is largely based upon shamanic healing techniques. The contemporary Western shamanic path, as I view it, is not a religion or belief system, but a diverse collection of practices for accessing and working with the unseen spiritual and energetic world for the sake of guidance, healing and awakening. 

These practices bring about experiences of direct revelation which, I find, can greatly strengthen our relationship with any chosen spiritual guide, deity or state of awareness, and can enhance the practice of any spiritual tradition.

This ability to access the unseen spiritual and energetic world is something I believe all humans naturally possess, although, for most of us, the cultivation of consistent and reliable access requires long-term study and cultivation.

My own study and practice of spiritual states, subtle energy and communion with the unseen world began in the mid-90's with Buddhist meditation, and continues to this day through my daily meditation and shamanic journeying practice as well as ongoing in-depth training in mediumship and shamanic healing.

I am extremely grateful to the many masterful spiritual teachers with whom I have had the opportunity to study and practice over the past few decades. There is no way to list all of them, but below is a summary of the trainings that have been especially helpful for learning to access and work with the wise and loving guidance of the unseen world.

It is my prayer that whatever I have learned may be of service to the awakening and happiness of all living beings. 


2-Year Shamanic Teacher Training

Taught by: Sandra Ingerman

Location: Sedona, AZ

November, 2018 - Present

3-Year Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training

Taught by: Julie Kramer

Location: Boulder, CO

January, 2017 - Present


Shamanic Extraction

Taught by: Sylvia Edwards

Location: Boulder, CO

May, 2018

Healing with Spiritual Light

Taught by: Sandra Ingerman

Location: Estes Park, CO

April, 2018

Medicine for the Earth

Taught by: Sandra Ingerman

Location: Estes Park, CO

April, 2018


Intro to Essential Shamanism

Taught by: Julie Kramer

Location: Boulder, CO

October, 2016


Seven Levels of Quest

Taught by: Malcolm Ringwalt

Location: Jamestown, CO

September, 2013


8-Day Vision Quest

Taught by: Malcolm Ringwalt

Location: Pine Barrens, NJ

August, 2013


3-Month Channeling & Intuition Course 2

Taught by: Stuart Michaels

Location: Boulder, CO



3-Month Channeling & Intuition Course 1

Taught by: Stuart Michaels

Location: Aspen, CO



2 ½ year solitary meditation retreat

Guided by: Lama Zopa Rinpoce

Location: Big Sur, CA



1 year residency in the home of Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Taught by: Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Location: Santa Cruz, CA



5 years as a fully ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk

Ordained by: His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Locations: India, Nepal, France, Australia, U.S.



6 years of Tibetan Buddhist training in preparation for ordination

Taught by: Geshe Tusltim Gyeltsen, Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Location: Colorado Springs, CO