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Space Clearing & Blessing

Clearing and empowering the energy in your home is helpful to do on a regular basis, particularly after times of illness or obstacles, and whenever moving into a new space.

The accumulation of foreign energy in your home may be subtle or quite strong, and can cause symptoms such as unsettledness, fatigue, mood swings, restless sleep, and even chronic health issues.

Emotional imprints of former occupants, agitated spirits of the land and disincarnate beings are just a few of the common types of foreign energy that can greatly impact the way spaces feel.

Fortunately, through specific shamanic healing techniques, these environmental imbalances can be diagnosed and treated, and harmony restored, so you can rest at ease in a home that feels safe, bright and balanced.

On the basis of an effective clearing, it is then possible to bless and empower spaces so they hold a higher vibration, amplify your prayers and wishes, and continually invite you back home to the peace and joy of your true nature. This is a great way to set the energy and intention upon moving into a new space.

Because the web of life-force and intelligence is universal and non-local, space clearings and blessings can be done remotely for your home, wherever you are in the world. Click below to contact me for pricing and complete details. 


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The True Home Process

The True Home Process is a short-term shamanic design consulting program for people who are living in a new home, building a new home, or considering remodeling or redecorating. 

The True Home Process helps you tap into a higher vision for your home and develop a comprehensive soul-based design plan, so you can create more meaningful and empowered spaces and avoid costly design mistakes.

Working either remotely or in-person, over the course of several days or several months (depending upon which format you choose), I will guide you through the five levels of your home: spiritual, energetic, symbolic, aesthetic and functional.

This process involves meditation and inner visioning, space clearing and blessing, decluttering your home and your mind, connecting with your personal spirit guides, clarifying your unique aesthetic style, and creating a practical design plan.

The resulting True Home plan can then be used as a guide for gradual DIY furnishing and finish upgrades, or as a valuable resource for working with contractors, architects and designers, ensuring that your home is designed in a way that is in alignment with your highest values, visions and intentions.

Learn more about The True Home Process here, or click below to contact me for pricing and details.


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Full Service Interior Design

The creation of a deeply personalized and spiritually aligned home is no small endeavor. 

And the truth is, most designers, architects and builders do not have the time or training to fully tune in to your soul's unique journey, your emerging gifts and visions, the powerful energies of your land and the sacred elements of your home.

So, if you are looking for a deeper, more meaningful approach to the design of your home, and longer-term hands-on shamanic support throughout the construction, remodeling or redecorating process, I offer full-scale interior design services in collaboration with the highly-skilled professionals at Joe McGuire Design.

After guiding you through the True Home Process and helping you develop your soul-based design plan, I then serve as a creative consultant, energy worker and spiritual advisor for your project, while the designers, drafters and project managers at Joe McGuire Design handle the many details of the planning, construction and furnishing phases.  

This unique holistic approach allows the insights and energies of your higher-level dreams and visions to be brought into the countless big costly decisions and small subtle details that go into the complete manifestation of your True Home in the world. 

This spiritual support can also offer unique insights into any outer or inner obstacles that may arise in the planning or construction process, and provide transformative solutions based upon restoring harmony between the seen and unseen worlds. 

The result is an intuitive and highly-imaginative design process that is less stressful, more joyful and empowered, and more fully aligned with who you really are. 

While the majority of our projects are in the Aspen, Denver and Boulder areas, we travel and work remotely for clients around the country. For complete details and pricing, click below to contact me.