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Space Clearing & Blessing

Clearing and empowering the energy in your home is helpful to do on a regular basis, particularly after times of illness or obstacles, and whenever moving into a new space.

The accumulation of foreign energy in your home may be subtle or quite strong, and can cause symptoms such as unsettledness, fatigue, mood swings, restless sleep, and even chronic health issues.

Emotional imprints of former occupants, agitated spirits of the land and disincarnate beings are just a few of the common types of foreign energy that can greatly impact the way spaces feel.

Fortunately, through specific shamanic healing techniques, these environmental imbalances can be diagnosed and treated, and harmony restored, so you can rest at ease in a home that feels safe, bright and balanced.

On the basis of an effective clearing, it is then possible to bless and empower spaces so they hold a higher vibration, amplify your prayers and wishes, and continually invite you back home to the peace and joy of your true nature. This is a great way to set the energy and intention upon moving into a new space.

Because the web of life-force and intelligence is universal and non-local, space clearings and blessings can be done remotely for your home, wherever you are in the world. Click below to contact me for pricing and complete details.