The True Home Process:  Rediscovering the Soul of Design


The True Home Process is a unique energetic design consulting program that offers a deeper, more meaningful and transformational approach to the design of your home.

The goal is to turn your home into your power place: a sacred space of deep healing and rejuvenation, and a launch pad for your awakening, creative expression and service in the world.

We do this by first focusing on the spiritual and energetic components of your home, opening to the living field of intelligence that pervades all things, and tapping into a higher vision for your land, your home and your life.

In the process, we will deeply clear and realign your home's energy, uncover the symbolic imagery, aesthetic elements and design styles that are most resonant for you at this point in your life, and develop a practical soul-based design plan to serve as a guide for future DIY home projects or for work with architects, designers and builders.


How it works:

Working either remotely or in-person, over several days or several months, I will guide you through the Five Levels of your home:

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1.  Spiritual: calming your mind, learning to connect with your guides, tapping into your true home within and receiving a higher vision for your land, your home and your life.

2.  Energetic: reading the subtle vibrational patterns of your land and the various areas of your home, then deeply clearing, blessing and reprogramming your home’s energetic fields. 

3.  Symbolic: tuning in to which possessions no longer serve you and which ones do, receiving intuitive inspiration for the power objects, imagery, color palettes and natural elements that most clearly reflect and amplify your essence and life-vision. 

4.  Aesthetic: discovering the inner keys to your personal style, and drawing upon your soul's vision to design beautiful, imaginative and deeply personal living spaces that enliven all of your senses. 

5.  Functional: implementing the steps above and creating floor plans, furniture layouts and organizational systems that support you in living each day with maximum alignment, well-being and flow. 


What's different about this approach:


Most people approach these five levels from the bottom up, working their way from the functional to the spiritual.

They start with the basic function of getting a roof over their heads and making sure it addresses their physical needs.

Once the functional level is in place, they turn their attention to the aesthetics of the home and begin decorating and filling the spaces with objects and furniture.

Then, once the home looks pretty, they may start to ask, “Does this really reflect who I am?” And they may look for ways to personalize the space with art, photos and mementos.

After all of this, if it still doesn’t feel quite right, the very last thought is to smudge the space or bring in a feng shui consultant to try to clear or balance the energy.

In most cases, the most powerful level of the home – the spiritual level of guides, guardians, intentions and visions – goes entirely unrecognized and unaddressed.

True Home Shamanic Design pp2 crop.jpg
True Home Shamanic Interior Design Boulder sp3.jpg

This is what most people are doing: designing their home from the bottom up. And by doing so, they experience diminishing returns at each step all along the way.

Most people never really tap into the true power of their land and their home to uplevel their life and personal evolution.

Even if they do, it's usually too late to apply these higher-level visions and insights to the countless costly aesthetic and functional choices that have already been made.

This is why, if we really wish to create a true home, a home imbued with the light and the uniqueness of our soul’s essence, a home that frees and empowers us to be who we are truly meant to be in the world, we need to work from the top down and the inside out.

We need to start with the spiritual, energetic and symbolic aspects of the home so that we can more easily arrive at innovative aesthetic and functional solutions that are personally resonant and supportive of all levels of our being.


Who the True Home Process is for:

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The True Home Process may be a fit for you if:

  • You have moved, or are preparing to move, and are wondering which design direction to take in this new chapter of your life

  • Or you have lived in the same home for a while but it no longer feels energized or fully aligned with who you really are, and you are ready for a fresh start

  • You know you could use design help, but are concerned that ordinary architects or designers will not understand your uniqueness, and might create a home that feels empty, trendy, or just doesn’t feel like you

  • Before making so many big, costly decisions, you like the idea of taking some time to connect with inner guidance to receive a higher vision, purpose and intention for your home

  • You are open to connecting more deeply with your land, with nature and with the unseen world, and entering into a role of sacred stewardship with your property and possessions

  • You are ready and willing to deeply declutter your mind and your home of objects and energies which are no longer serving you

  • You are willing to spend a little time each day opening to feelings of peace and prosperousness beyond anything you have known

  • You are open to significant outer and inner shifts in how you experience yourself, your path and your home - so you can get about the business of living the life you feel called to live


You select the pace:


3 Days, in Person

If you would like to work in person and are ready to quickly and deeply transform your space, we will spend three days together in your home, visioning, clearing, refining, designing and creating.  Experience significant shifts in your self, your home and your life, and walk away with a practical design plan for any additional changes to implement over time. For in-person work only. Outside of Boulder, Denver or Aspen travel costs may apply.

3 Months, Remote

If you prefer to work more gradually, the remote option includes 12 weekly 1-hour calls with guided meditations and homework in between. This allows you to move deeply through the visioning, clearing, refining, designing and creating processes. Design guidance is provided via photos, drawings and live video, and energy work occurs remotely, while you assist on-site. The results can be just as impactful as working in person.


But, here's the catch:


This work is not for everyone. It's not for those who are not ready for big changes, those who are unwilling to live into their higher potential, or those who are unwilling to do the inner work. 

This is a deeply personal and healing process. You will not only be clearing, empowering and reimagining your home, you will be clearing, empowering and re-imagining yourself.

In the process, you will be creating a space for your soul's essence to come more fully into the world and to shine more brightly in all areas of your life – starting with the particular patch of this planet that you call home.

True Home Shamanic Interior Design Boulder sp2.jpg

Are you ready to let go of outdated, unfulfilling ways of being and start living from your power place?

Click here to send me an email and let's set up a time to chat.


What people are saying about True Home:

Upper East Town Home.png
I loved my space but couldn’t get comfortable - a visually beautiful Upper Eastside townhouse that should feel special and enjoyable. It was renovated and clean lined, but not clear of chaos of the mind.

When I asked Matthew Tenzin to do a clearing the result was amazing. His information to me was unbelievable! He saw and cleared the energies of many years of former occupants and received a very accurate and comforting message from my daughter who has passed.

Mathew is so contemporary, so caring and so intuitive. His design approach creates a space of security and a serene feeling that is visually and emotionally peaceful. He stays true to his work with honesty. I highly recommend him.
— Jacqueline L., Aspen, New York
Matthew Tenzin has a unique skill-set to enhance and uplift a project. His background in spatial design and energetic healing go beyond what we have experienced working with traditional architects or designers.

Removing blockages and unseen obstacles may sound fantastical but their presence in a project is certifiable. Matthew’s ability to tap into what lies beneath the surface is amazing.

Working with Matthew has proven beneficial to our projects on multiple layers. He is also someone that we all enjoy collaborating with and learning from.
— Matt Brown, Real Estate Developer, Aspen
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