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The True Home Process

The True Home Process is a short-term shamanic design consulting program for people who are living in a new home, building a new home, or considering remodeling or redecorating. 

The True Home Process helps you tap into a higher vision for your land, your home and your life, and develop a comprehensive soul-based design plan, so you can avoid costly design mistakes and create more meaningful, innovative and empowering living spaces.

Working either remotely or in-person, over the course of several days or several months (depending upon which format you choose), I will guide you through the five levels of your home: spiritual, energetic, symbolic, aesthetic and functional.

This process involves meditation and inner visioning, space clearing and blessing, decluttering your home and your mind, connecting with your personal spirit guides, clarifying your unique aesthetic style, and creating a practical design plan.

The resulting plan can then be used as a guide for gradual DIY furnishing and finish upgrades, or as a valuable resource for working with contractors, architects and designers, ensuring that your home is designed in a way that is in alignment with your highest values, visions and intentions.

Learn more about The True Home Process here, or click below to contact me for complete details.